Is Pokémon Go Endangering Its Users?

By: Admin

Pokémon Go

The Pokémon have come and there is, seemingly, no escape. Yes, everyone from children to adults seems to be fully entranced in the craze that is Pokémon Go — a new mobile game that allows users to find and collect Pokémon in their actual surroundings by utilizing GPS and augmented reality technology.

Now, this is where the concerns lie. By utilizing GPS and displaying a real-time map within the game, there is a new set of dangers that overzealous gamers may face when trying to “catch them all.”

The Dangers Inherent with Pokémon Go

  • Driving: Because Pokémon Go has a built-in map that tracks your spacial movements and allows you to find Pokémon on-the-go, many people may keep the game open while driving, leading to an extremely dangerous distraction. The game is meant to be only be used by pedestrians. When you add a 1000+lb vehicle to the mix, you may end up with deadly results.
  • Walking: Just because you utilize the game as intended, taking it on-foot as opposed to in a motor vehicle, does not mean that you are necessarily safe from injury or danger. Unfortunately, many distracted walkers have been known to mistakenly walk into roadways or trip on obstacles in their path. If your eyes are glued to your cell phone instead of your walkway, you may end up hurting yourself or others.
  • Trespassing: A huge unintended consequence of the Pokémon Go phenomenon is that it has caused many people to explore areas in their neighborhoods, offices and parks that they normally would not. However, this has also lead to many people reporting strangers invading their private property without permission. It seems like the lure of catching a rare Pokémon may be causing people to trespass where they are not welcome.

All of the above can lead to accidents that put Pokémon Go players in legal trouble, or worse yet, in the hospital. Car accidents, trip and fall injuries and trespassing troubles are all a headache not worthy of momentary virtual fun. If you or your children are enjoying Pokémon Go, ensure that it’s time spent abiding safety best practices and, of course, the law. 



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