Is Snapchat Responsible for Reckless Driving?

By: Admin


Let us get this out of the way from the start: you should never, ever, text or update your social media channels while operating a speeding, 1,000+ pound brick of metal, rubber and glass. Though this advice may seem overly obvious, it is equally obvious after an afternoon commute or extended period of time on a busy highway that many people do not practice this safety standard. Whether it is the lady who takes a few painful seconds to look up and realize that the light has changed or the man who is constantly swerving into the other lane because he’s busy twiddling his thumbs on Facebook, we have all seen signs of cell phones’ unfortunate proliferation onto our roadways. One app that ranks among most dangerous to pair with driving is Snapchat, the video- and photo-sharing application that has swept the nation with face-swap technology and fun filters.

Snapchat is anything but fun and games when it becomes a distraction behind the wheel. One of the filters provided within the popular app is one that displays your current speed, which some allege is a major cause for concern. This concern produced very real injuries when an 18-year-old was recently trying to Snapchat herself speeding at over 100mph in a 50mph zone. Distracted by trying to capture her speed, the driver failed to notice a slower vehicle merge into her lane, causing her to careen into the unsuspecting victims’ backend at dangerously high speeds. Luckily, both parties escaped with their lives, but the merging vehicle’s driver and passenger, a married couple, are suing both the teenager and Snapchat to win benefits from life-altering injuries sustained in the accident.

The big question is, “Does Snapchat enable or promote reckless driving?” It is not a simply answered question, as Snapchat has a blatant warning within its terms of service that strictly warns users to never let the app distract from safe driving. Soon, we will see if that is enough to protect this extremely popular app from responsibility in this case and others that are sure to crop up as long as drivers continue to ignore the importance of driving without distractions.

If you are the victim of a reckless driver, do not hesitate to call us immediately at 407-841-7699. We know what it takes to win you the claims you deserve for costly medical bills, property damage and lost wages that are so, unfortunately, common in these types of cases. Drive safely and put your cell phone down as soon as you buckle up.


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