Defective Products and Recalled Products: Facts That Could Keep You Safe

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Takata Corporation, an automotive parts manufacturer, is in hot water after a massive airbag recall after multiple deaths and injuries were directly attributed to their faulty airbags found in many different types of  vehicles. A recall at this global level is obviously a tremendous undertaking, and luckily most recalls are not quite as widespread and potentially deadly. However, we think it is a good idea to share some key information that you should know about both recalled products and those that are simply faulty.

Facts to Know About Faulty and Recalled Products

  • Manufacturers most often first ascertain if a product’s defect is unsafe, deciding on the next step in alerting the public.
  • Customer complaints are actually a valid means to getting a manufacturer to remedy a faulty product situation. If enough customers complain, it is harder for the company to claim that they are selling a quality product.
  • Recall orders should always be taken seriously, as this indicates that the product could be hazardous, even deadly.
  • Faulty products are not necessarily going to be cause for a recall, especially if they are in no risk of causing injury.
  • Registering your products or signing on for a warranty may help you stay on the inside track in the case that there are recalls in the future.
  • If you are injured by a product, your injuries and damages could be covered under product liability laws. Speak to an experienced product liability attorney to see if you may have a case.

Product safety should be the top priority for manufacturers, but so often, mistakes are only unveiled after consumers are injured or tragically killed. Always keep an eye out for major recalls, especially when it comes to your vehicle, food and children’s products. As this latest airbag recall shows, you never know when a manufacturer’s mistake could lead to costly damages or death. If you are injured due to a faulty product, call our team of product liability experts today to get you on track to receiving the benefits you are owed.


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