The Pool Liability Risks You Need to Know

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Pool Liability

Sunday, March 20 marked the official start of spring, though most Floridians could not be blamed for thinking the season started a bit earlier this year. The sun is shining (except for the occasional afternoon shower), the birds are chirping and swimming pool chlorine and swimming trunks are already hitting the display racks of your local supermarket. While our neighbors up North are enjoying a nice respite from the winter chill, much of Florida is already ready to break out the sunscreen and enjoy some fun by the pool with family and friends.

Though many of us are well aware of the dangers involved when enjoying time around the pool, especially with children, it is always important to revisit the pool liability laws that you should be aware of, whether you are a pool owner or simply enjoying a friend or family member’s.

3 Quick Pool Liability Facts

  • Slip and Fall: The wet surfaces of a pool deck can be serious hazards, especially when running barefoot. As the pool owner, one must warn the guests of slippery, wet surfaces, dry the potentially dangerous puddles and provide non-slip surfaces for guests to traverse. If the injured can prove that the pool owner was negligent in any of these ways, they may have a pool liability case.
  • Insurance Plans: Pool owners can find plans specific to pool liability, though many find that they are sufficiently covered under their traditional homeowner’s insurance. If an accident does occur, litigation goes through this insurance company.
  • Homeowner Responsibility: Just like any other facet of your home, you guarantee a level of safety whenever you invite a guest into your residence. If your guest is injured due to your negligence in fixing a dangerous issue within your home, or, at very least, warning your guest about potential dangers, you are liable for their injuries. Thus, if your pool has not been properly maintained or you do not have safety measures in place to prevent guests from falling  into the pool unwittingly, you may be negligent in that case.

Cooking out, playing and simply sitting by the pool are spring and summer traditions that many families look forward to all year long. Through a bit of fact finding and research, you can safeguard yourself as a pool owner or guest from injury and pool liability issues. Break out the sunscreen and enjoy making a splash armed with these key tips and with safety always in mind.


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