Social Security Administration Hastened Benefits for Terminally Ill

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Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration recently fast-tracked the process of providing Disability benefits to the terminally ill. This is great news, considering the fact that this process was once placed on a normal timetable, causing many to die before the Social Security Administration could make a determination on benefits. Social Security has created a list of conditions that are presumed to be terminal, causing those cases to get priority and much quicker determinations. Social Security calls this hastened determination, “Compassionate Allowances.”

You can find a list of those specific illnesses by visiting the Social Security Administration website and apply on the site or by calling 1-800-772-1213.  For those with a terminal condition listed by Social Security, the Administration is trying to make a determination within weeks instead of months or years for a decision. They, unfortunately, will not tell you if your case is being fast-tracked, but if you provide the correct medical documentation and records to confirm that your diagnosis meets a Compassionate Allowance listing, you will likely receive a favorable determination and start receiving Disability benefits quickly.

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