Florida’s Headlight Laws: What You Need to Know

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Headlight Laws

With November upon us and December just a blink away, you are sure to notice the sun sticking around a little less often as winter solstice approaches in December. Understanding this, and the fact that we have also recently set back the clocks, it is obvious that your evening commute may be getting a bit darker. Though this occurs every year, many are still caught off guard and dangerously go without turning on their headlights in the hours of dawn or dusk.

What are Florida’s Headlight Laws?

  • Two, white headlights must be present and in working order on all motor vehicles.
  • Headlights cannot be covered or altered in any way.
  • Lights must be on during the hours between sunset and sunrise.
  • During times of low visibility (rain, fog, etc.), headlights must also be activated.
  • Motorcycles must have headlights on at all times, even during daytime hours.

The law is rather clear; when in doubt, put your lights on, even in dusk and dawn hours of the day. We always recommend taking the time to be extra vigilant whenever possible, and turning on your headlights before hitting the road is no major chore to increase your safety and the safety of others.

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Information Cited: http://www.dmv.org/fl-florida/safety-laws.php


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