3 Amusement Park Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

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Amusement Park

In Orlando, more than anything else, we are known for a certain mouse and his amusement park empire. To no one’s surprise, travel and tourism remain Orlando’s largest industry and employer, generating billions of dollars in revenue annually. This massive industry is powered by the truly incredible amount of visitors we welcome into The Sunshine State. Unfortunately, this sheer amount of visitors brings a substantial risk of accidents and injury to these parks.

Consider the following to ensure that your friends and family remain safe while visiting their favorite Orlando amusement park:

    • Rules Are Rules: Pay close attention to ride signage and safety warnings. Always follow cautionary instructions and warnings, such as height restrictions, pregnancy and prior health condition warnings. If you violate stated safety warnings and are injured because of your carelessness, chances are you will not have a case against the amusement park.
    • Stay Hydrated: Even in the upcoming cooler months of fall, it is important to realize how much energy is exerted by walking what accumulates to multiple miles and standing for hours on end. Dehydration can cause the dizzy spells and fainting, especially in young children and older family members. Simply ask for a cup of ice water from a vendor, which should be available free of charge.
    • Travel Along the Beaten Path: Under no circumstances should you enter employee-only sections of the park. There are multiple, tragic stories of people wandering into restricted areas out of curiosity or looking for lost belongings, only to be seriously injured by an attraction. If you lose an item while on a ride, alert a ride operator and they will safely retrieve it for you.

You may think that these tips are rather simple — and you would be right. Though they may be common sense, in the excitement of a day at an amusement park, sometimes common sense can go by the wayside. Keep these safety tips in mind for yourself and your loved ones the next time you visit one of Orlando’s big attractions.

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