Biketoberfest is Coming: Look Twice for Motorcycles

By: Glen Wieland


Biketoberfest is nearly here, and with it, motorcycles all over our Florida roads. We have all seen the signs and bumper stickers that ask motorists to, “Look Twice, Save A Life.” This slogan’s advice rings absolutely true.

In one motorcycle accident case, we had an expert explain that most drivers subconsciously look for two headlights when checking for oncoming traffic. Most motorcycle crashes are caused by drivers who pull out to make a left turn and end up turning in front of an oncoming motorcycle. So often, this leaves the motorcyclist with no time to react or avoid the accident. Making matters worse, motorcycles are known to take about 1.75 times the distance to stop as a car, due to the lessened friction between the tires and the road.

Motorcycle-versus-car crashes have been all over the news recently and, unfortunately, the motorcyclists often sustain very serious injuries. Florida does not require motorcyclists to wear helmets if over the age of 21. There are additional exceptions that apply if one is riding within an enclosed cab or operating a motorcycle that is not capable of exceeding certain speeds. However, keep in mind that if you choose not to wear a helmet, you are required to carry more insurance to cover medical expenses. There are also special laws and insurance issues that apply to motorcycle claims. We can answer those questions for you. With the influx of motorcycles due to Biketoberfest, we all need to be more careful and look twice to save a life.

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