Why Workers Compensation Does Not Work For Injured Workers

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Workers Compensation

I read in a recent Orlando Sentinel article that the community has come together to raise a substantial sum of money to help the Orlando Police Officer who was injured when two young men drove over him with their car. This is a great demonstration of our local, community outreach and willingness to help others in our community. When I read this, I wondered why the fundraising was necessary? Having represented injured workers for over 30 years, I realized that it is necessary because the Florida Legislature has slashed benefits to injured workers for the last 35 years. They have slashed the benefits to the point that, if you are injured on the job and unable to work, you are going to lose much of what you have worked for over the years. We have had clients that have lost their homes and their cars; sold property to try to pay bills, even borrowing money from relatives and friends, just survive. In addition, injured workers have no choice in the doctors that treat them. The insurance companies are the ones with the power to pick the doctors who will be authorized to treat injured workers. Does anyone think that insurance companies should be able to decide which doctors will treat us? Our health insurance companies give us a list of doctors to choose from, Medicare has a list from which we can choose, but this is not the case in workers compensation.

Is it necessary for the community to come together to help this Officer who was injured while trying to protect our community, without a doubt. But what about the thousands of injured workers, whose names you will never hear about in the newspaper or on TV? Don’t they deserve to be treated fairly as well? Call your Senators and Representatives to make your voice known. Ask them to restore the benefits to injured workers that they have taken away from them over the past 35 years.

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When someone does such a phenomenal a job as Al has done for us,it’s hard to find the right words to thank him and his office for all the work that was done in our case. We would not have gotten anywhere without his knowledge and help. Until we actually saw all of the “HOMEWORK” that Al did,we had no idea how much work that had been put into our case. 5 stars for Al and his team for the excellent work in delivering a fair and just settlement.

– Juanita

I want to say, my world has changed and my family wants to thank you for all of your hard work on my personal injury case. I sometimes wonder, if I just stayed home that day and just went to help volunteer to teach kids play football that I would have my hand at full strength and wound’t be dealing with this personal injury. I can’t look back, but I can say that I  am feeling stronger and healthier each day.

– Luis L.