Sovereign Immunity And Governmental Agencies

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Due to the vast number of car accidents that occur around the Orlando area, many severe motor vehicle accidents are going to occur. Such is the case with the school bus accident that happened in Rockledge, Florida this morning. What many people don’t know is that no matter how significant the injuries caused by the negligence of the school bus driver, the damages sustained by the injured parties are capped. The Florida legislature recently increased the caps for claims against governmental agencies, otherwise known as sovereign immunity.

The attorneys at Wieland, Hilado & DeLattre, P.A. have handled many claims against governmental entities and have obtained verdicts in excess of 1 million dollars against governmental entities. If the jury verdict exceeds the caps there are steps one can take to exceed the caps and to collect the full damage award. The attorneys at Wieland, Hilado & DeLattre are here to help all those who have been injured and would be happy to answer any questions you may have about damage caps against governmental entities. Having dealt with so many injury cases they have the knowledge necessary to deal with complex legal issues. For more information visit our website at or by calling our office at 407-841-7699.


Al represented me in a W.C. case that lasted 19 years and in all that time he and his staff handled everything with caring and professionalism, always staying in touch and ensuring I followed the requirements to see my case to a great conclusion. He would call often to check on my progress and condition showing true care and compassion!

– Harold

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