Accident involving Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy

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Our law enforcement agencies are supposed to be here to serve and protect the citizens of their area. Unfortunately, not all police officers are able to do so and use faulty judgment, sometimes leading to tragic accidents. Recently an Orange County sheriff’s deputy was traveling southbound on Tanner Road and failed to stop at a red light, causing him to hit an Astro minivan traveling on Colonial Drive. According to the accident report the police officer did not have his siren or emergency lights operating at the time of the accident. It is unsure why the deputy drove through the red light, but because of his lapse of judgment, four people were taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center, including two young children.

People believe that because a police officer is involved they should not question their actions but what people fail to realize is that police officers make the same mistakes as you and I. Sometimes these mistakes lead to harsh consequences. The attorneys at Wieland, Hilado & DeLattre are experienced trial attorneys who will fight for your rights, no matter who they are up against.

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– Larry P.

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