Make Sure Child Knows How To Swim

With all the pools, lakes and places to swim in Florida, it is vitally important for our children…

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New Law Allows Insurance Companies To Collect Excess Profits

It is hard to believe that the Florida Legislature passed a bill allowing insurance companies to collect “EXCESS…

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Insurance Company Ordered To Pay $8 Million

An 82 year old man was awarded $8 million because his homeowners insurance company refused to pay his…

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Sleepy Trucker Causes Serious Accident

Another trucker who was sleepy because he had been driving too long caused a very serious highway accident.…

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Kids Walking In The Dark

With Daylight Savings school children are walking and riding bikes to school in the dark. We all need…

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Gasoline Tanker Hit By Train

Another driver stopped his vehicle across railroad tracks and was hit by a train. Only this time it…

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Bike Week and Legislature Both Are Dangerous

Bike week begins today and the Florida legislative session ends today. Both are very dangerous. The powerful lobbyists…

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Another Unnecessary Death

Race week is here and Bike Week is just around the corner. A motorcyclist was killed on Monday…

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Florida Workers Compensation Hall of Fame

Glen was recently elected into the Florida Workers Compensation Hall of Fame for his contributions, his work to…

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Deputy’s Death Shows Problems With Workers Compensation System

Sadly it takes a death of a Seminole County Sherriff deputy to show the problems with Florida’s workers…

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Police Chase Causes 3 Car Accident in Orlando

Another police chase results in a car crash that sends several innocent citizens to the hospital. While a…

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Orange County Woman Swerves To Miss A Cat Crashes Car Into House

A cat roaming loose ran out into the roadway causing a woman to swerve and lose control. She…

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I want to say, my world has changed and my family wants to thank you for all of your hard work on my personal injury case. I sometimes wonder, if I just stayed home that day and just went to help volunteer to teach kids play football that I would have my hand at full strength and wound’t be dealing with this personal injury. I can’t look back, but I can say that I  am feeling stronger and healthier each day.

– Luis L.

Workers’ compensation law can be difficult to navigate and everyone needs the advice of a professional. When dealing with workers’ compensation, Al is on top of this process. He and his assistant Melody are always available to answer any question. They are very diligent and hard working, to serve you as a client. I am very thankful for their support and knowledge in handling my case.

– Paul