What To Do When Your Employer Wont Report Your Accident

When your employer says that they wont call and report your injury to the insurance, you should call…

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Unrestrained Teenager Dies in Car Wreck

Another Central Florida teenager was ejected from her car and died. She was a passenger in the back…

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Florida’s Driving and Texting Law?

What law? Florida has not passed a law banning texting and driving. Why not? We have seen a…

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Tractor Trailor Crash On I-4 At Fairbanks Curve

The deadliest curve in Orlando is stii not fixed. One week after the DOT spent thousands of dollars…

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No Traffic Tickets For Police Chief

Davie, Florida police chief was found to be at fault when his police cruiser hit a child bicyclist.…

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Officer Izzy Hernandez saves life of child

Officer Izzy Hernandez revived a child from a near drowning today. He is a true hero and we…

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Make Sure Child Knows How To Swim

With all the pools, lakes and places to swim in Florida, it is vitally important for our children…

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New Law Allows Insurance Companies To Collect Excess Profits

It is hard to believe that the Florida Legislature passed a bill allowing insurance companies to collect “EXCESS…

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Insurance Company Ordered To Pay $8 Million

An 82 year old man was awarded $8 million because his homeowners insurance company refused to pay his…

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Sleepy Trucker Causes Serious Accident

Another trucker who was sleepy because he had been driving too long caused a very serious highway accident.…

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Kids Walking In The Dark

With Daylight Savings school children are walking and riding bikes to school in the dark. We all need…

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Gasoline Tanker Hit By Train

Another driver stopped his vehicle across railroad tracks and was hit by a train. Only this time it…

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Al Hilado is the most forthright and honest attorney I have ever dealt with – if he says he is going to do something he does it and he always kept my best interest at heart.

– James A.

I hired Mr. Al Hilado early February 2015 to pursue helping me apply for Social Security Disability benefits when I became disabled and was unable to continue workng. He has been very personable and professional. He told me how long it could take for the process and provided detailed information on what to expect. He was always available to take my calls or answer my emails. He was very supportive every step of the way and 3 months later in May I was approved for my disability. Without his help I’m sure I would still be fighting for my benefits instead of receiving my disability checks. I highly recommend Alfred Hilado.

– Eddie