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Sleep loss leaves you injury prone

If you’re a working adult, the likelihood is that you’re not getting as much sleep as you should.…

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3 things you need to do to prevent flu

The recent cool weather has brought with it something not so soothing, flu season. It’s a fact of…

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If you’re a man over 30, here are some ways to stay healthy

Getting older affects us all in various ways. You might be only 40 yet you feel like you’re…

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Eat this, not that

It’s no secret that the food we eat affects the way we live and how healthy we are.…

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Make sure your child travels safe in the car

The safety of children is rightly paramount in most adults’ lives, which makes a recent study all the…

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Stretching helps prevent injuries

You’ve probably noticed when you go to your local YMCA or fitness center, or just in the park…

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Beware of Falling in Fall

More falls are reported in Fall than any other time of year. The reason is a combination of…

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Stay healthy, stress less

Want to prevent injuries and protect your health? Then you need to stop worrying so much. Though it…

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Safety tips for runners and cyclists

Thanks to the cooling weather, many people are getting outside and taking the opportunity to get more active.…

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FDA considering a ban on Transfats

You’re not doubt already acquainted, but for those who don’t know, transfat is the name for fat most…

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These drivers are more likely to be affected in an auto accident

According to several recent studies, individuals who are considered obese (roughly 36 percent of Americans over the age…

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Social Media and Healthcare

The world is a different place than it was 10 years ago. The influence social media has on…

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