Halloween Safety: How Do I Keep My Kids Safe During the Festivities?

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Halloween Safety

A little spooky but a lot of fun for children and adults alike, Halloween is a holiday that millions enjoy every year. Whether it is trick-or-treating through the neighborhood, decorating the house with jack-o’-lanterns or throwing a costume party with your closest friends, Halloween truly offers a little something for everyone.

With the fun and festivities, however, there are some real dangers that can easily turn your Halloween plans from fun to frightful — and not the kind of frightful that is fun. Though we shared some Halloween safety tips with you last year, it is time to not only revisit that advice but expand upon it to cover all of the possible activities you may have planned for this spookiest of seasons.

Halloween Safety: How Can I Stay Safe This Halloween?

Halloween Safety for Trick-or-Treaters

  • Extra Caution After Dark: With fewer daylight hours, dusk can quickly creep into night before you know it, leaving your little ones trick-or-treating without the safety of sunlight. Bring a flashlight and put reflective tape on your children’s’ costumes to ensure that they are visible to cars and other pedestrians once the sun goes down.
  • Stick to Sidewalks: Enforce that your children never walk in roadways while trick-or-treating. Unfortunately, some drivers may be inebriated from Halloween parties and many costumes are darkly colored, meaning your child may be more difficult to see in the evening and nighttime hours.
  • Stay in the Neighborhood: Though your kids may be tempted to venture far and wide in search of a coveted “King Size” candy bar, staying within the confines of your neighborhood reduces the “stranger danger” risks involved with collecting candy from people you are not familiar with.
  • Candy Check Before Consuming: Though you may have scoffed at this practice as a kid, checking all pieces of candy for foreign objects or suspect wrapping is a safety measure well worth doing — even if occurrences of tainted or tampered candy are, historically, quite rare.
  • Never Go Alone: Parents are highly encouraged to go trick-or-treating with their children. Not only is it a Halloween safety best practice, but can be a wonderful bonding experience for kids and parents alike. For older kids, make sure that they stick to a friend group that can be trusted and follow curfew rules.
  • Lights Off: If you are not in the Halloween spirit, make sure you keep your front porch light (or similar light) turned off. This is especially important in liability terms, which assert that a lit front porch on Halloween can be inferred as an invitation for trick-or-treaters to visit your home. This means any injury caused by your broken porch steps, uneven walking path or hose left strewn near your doorstep could leave you in liability hot water. Turn the light off, ensure that the walking path to your home is safe or post signs that clearly warn guests of the dangers.
  • Leave the Scares to the Pros: Haunted attractions such as Halloween Horror Nights or Howl o’ Scream can be incredible fun for those of us looking for some thrills with our Halloween chills. However, not everyone is a fan of the “trick” portion of trick-or-treating, and spooking guests to your home can be risky business. If a trick-or-treater is injured due to your attempt at a spook, you may very well be held accountable for all damages.

Halloween Safety for Your Halloween Party

  • Decorate Safely: Though some are happy just throwing up some fake cobwebs and a jack-o’-lantern or two, others are, shall we say, overachievers. With elaborate electronics and decorations that span the entire household, Halloween safety risks rise. Always ensure that electrical cords are tucked far from walking paths, decorations do not block exits and jack-o’-lanterns with candles are never left unattended.
  • Drinks and Danger: We cannot express this enough: drinking and driving kills. If you are hosting, always allow intoxicated guests the option of staying over or assist them in finding a safe ride back home. Especially with the amount of children walking the streets on Halloween night, you do not want to take any risks that could endanger your life or the lives of innocent kids. Even “tipsy” driving is considered drunk driving, so go to the party with a designated driver or taxi solution in mind.
  • Consider Your Costume: From capes to masks, your costume may be a slip- or trip-and-fall accident waiting to happen. Though we are sure you want to look your best, make sure that you can comfortably stand and walk in your costume before dedicating to it. The last thing you want is to look great but end up in the emergency room midway through the party due to a serious wardrobe malfunction.

Halloween safety should be just as important as Halloween fun if you want more treats than tricks this year. Whether you are a parent looking forward to haunting up some candy or a grown-up ghoul ready to do the Monster Mash until the werewolves come home, keep these tips in mind to stay safe this season.

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