Parking Lots Pose Major Dangers to Motorists and Pedestrians

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When most people think of the most dangerous aspects of driving, they may imagine high-speed highways or dangerous dirt roads. Sure, those pose their own risk, but have you considered the major dangers of parking lots? Since many assume that parking lots are low-speed areas, they also falsely assume that they are safe. As you will see, this assumption could not be farther from the truth.

The Hidden Dangers of Parking Lots

  • The People Problem: Where cars and pedestrians meet, there are bound to be dangers. Parking lots are filled with pedestrians who may not be paying attention to their surroundings. Add multiple blind spots and drivers more concerned with scoping out a good parking spot than watching the road and accidents are sure to happen. Though often traveling at slower speeds, a car can still be deadly to unaware pedestrians in parking lots.
  • Maneuvering Mishaps: In all honesty, backing out of (or into) a tight parking space can be a nerve-wracking practice in patience. With cars and people unexpectedly getting in your pathway, motorists dangerously speeding to grab parking, and blind spots abound, it is actually surprising that more accidents do not occur. With the invent of backup cameras, it has become a bit easier to safely back out of a space, but it is always important to constantly check for motorists and pedestrians, as well as slowly back out  and exit parking spaces safely.
  • Stranger Danger: Unfortunately, many parking lots are hotbeds for crime. Often dimly lit and filled with vehicles left unattended for hours on end, many cars are easy targets for theft. Whether it is theft of the car itself or simply smashing a window or opening an unlocked door to grab electronics, wallets or other valuables that may have been left inside, thieves love to target parking lots. What can you do? Parking your car in a well-lit area, choosing security-protected parking garages instead of unmonitored lots and hiding or taking all valuables from your car are all good places to start.

Driving can be dangerous, but do not forget, parking can be just as deadly if you do not remember to stay attentive and make pedestrians’ lives the priority over grabbing that premium parking spot. If you are injured in a car accident, do not hesitate — contact us immediately to speak with an attorney who will help you make the claim you deserve. Drive safely.

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