Water Park Injuries

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Water Park Injuries

Water parks are a lot of fun, especially in the nearly year-round warmth that Florida is famous for. Unfortunately, given the wet surfaces, large amounts or people and huge, twisting waterslides that propel people at high speeds, water park injuries are most certainly a reality. Especially with young children, you should be extra careful due to the inherent risks that these parks pose.

What You Should Know About Water Park Injuries

  • Many water parks require guests to sign a liability release, which often covers everything from slip and fall injuries to drowning deaths. Note that, just because you have signed a release, does not mean that you automatically cannot sue. Always consult an attorney before making assumptions on your possible case.
  • Just like any traditional theme park, the owners of the park are responsible for maintaining their attractions and ensuring they are safe for the public. Through ensuring the waterslides safety, protecting the park’s water from dangerous bacteria and maintaining food safety standards at restaurants, owners can help reduce the risk of water park injuries. If you were injured as a result of these standards not being upheld, you may have a case against the park.
  • If your water park injury is the direct result of an employee’s negligence, responsibility often still falls on the shoulders of the park and its owners. However, if the water park employee committed an act outside of their scope of work, they may be held responsible as individuals and not as representatives of the park as a whole.

Water park injuries are no rare occurrence, so you must always be mindful of posted safety rules and general safety standards. Stay hydrated and apply sunscreen, make sure a lifeguard is nearby and always watch your footing on wet surfaces. Hopefully, you and yours can enjoy summer with more of a splash than a crash. If you are injured at a water park, do not hesitate to contact our attorneys today.



Words cannot express the professionalism you and your staff had given us in our time of need. I’m a retired law enforcement officer who was injured in the line of duty. I’m very pleased with the performance, support, professionalism and determination throughout my case. Everyone was quick to respond to my questions, available during times that most would consider after hours and always patient in explaining the details and developments of my case.

– Larry P.

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