The Fireworks Laws You Need to Know This Fourth of July

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The Fourth is a day meant for spending time with family, cooking out by a pool and, of course, setting off some fireworks. Though thousands decide it better to leave the light show to professionals, heading out to see professional fireworks shows scattered across the state, others prefer buying and lighting up some of their own. It’s a time-honored tradition, but did you know that most of the fireworks you think of as traditional Fourth of July fare are illegal in the State of Florida?

The Legality of Fireworks in Florida

  • Generally, only sparklers and glow-worm-type fireworks are legal to use in the State of Florida. For a full list of legal fireworks, see the Fire Marshal’s official list here.
  • If the firework explodes, flies or does both, it is most likely illegal for recreational use. This includes bottle rockets, Roman candles and other popular fireworks.
  • If you are caught using illegal fireworks, you can face a first-degree misdemeanor with a $1,000 fine and up to one year in prison.
  • There is a legal loophole that allows vendors to sell technically illegal fireworks. The seller can simply ask you to sign a waiver that claims you will only be using the fireworks for “agricultural use,” making them legal to use.
  • Exploding and flying fireworks are off limits due to the dangers inherent with these projectiles and explosives. Though fireworks may seem like harmless fun, they have been known to send hundreds to the hospital with severe burns and even amputations due to their surprising power.

As we so often say, safety should be your number-one priority, especially considering that the Fourth of July is so often celebrated with young children in tow. To further add to the level of danger, many enjoy alcoholic beverages on the Fourth as well, leading to poor decision making later on in the night. Never put your family or friends’ safety at risk when there are so many safe alternatives to trying to set off illegal fireworks. If you are unfortunate enough to be injured due to another’s negligence, contact our personal injury experts as soon as possible to receive the compensation you deserve.



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