Is My Airbag Safe?: Updates on the Recall

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Airbags are meant to save your life in a car accident — not put it at risk. Unfortunately, with the speed and force at which airbags deploy, if they are not designed or manufactured to perfection, they can put your life at risk. As mentioned in a previous blog post on faulty and recalled products, the Takata Corporation is in hot water for just that reason; their airbags have been associated with injuries and even deaths around the world.

The reason these airbags are so dangerous is because of the airbag inflators, which, due to time, high temperatures and moisture, could cause these bags to malfunction. One such tragic incident involved a 17-year-old girl who died after a minor fender bender, which caused her faulty airbag to deploy and send debris into her neck. Her family has sued the Takata Corporation, alleging that issues with ammonium nitrate used in their airbags were known, yet they failed to take appropriate actions to fix the issue. With that argument, they may just have a solid negligence case on their hands, especially considering the grave results of Takata’s faulty products.

So, you may be asking yourself, “Is my airbag safe?” With you and your passengers’ lives on the line, you deserve some peace of mind. You can find a full list of the affected vehicles here. As always, be sure to keep an ear out for updates on this recall, as the list has only grown as time has passed. The unfortunate thing about faulty, dangerous products is that they may not be recalled until injuries or deaths begin to be directly correlated with their use. That is why you must do your due diligence by checking the safety track records for certain companies and manufacturers, as well as keeping up on recent recalls available through multiple online resources

Stay safe out there, and contact us immediately if you were injured by a defective, dangerous product. Our product liability experts know exactly what it takes to get you the compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and more that can result from these injuries.



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