5 Facts About Theme Park Injuries

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Central Florida is a land founded on theme park attractions and tourism, and we absolutely excel at both, welcoming millions to Orlando every year. Unfortunately, with that volume of visitors, and the nature of amusement park rides, people are also unfortunately injured every year. Though the majority of theme parks practice extremely high safety standards, sometimes accidents happen as a result of negligence on the part of the theme parks.  . It only takes the negligence of one person to create a potentially deadly situation. That being said, there are a few facts you should know about theme park injuries before your next trip.

Some Facts About Theme Park Injuries

  • Florida only requires theme park to disclose injuries that resulted in death or the immediate hospitalization and 24+ hour stay of the injured party. For this reason, injuries may be more common than reports lead you to believe.
  • Though many think immediately of ride failure or slip and fall risks when we discuss theme park injuries, food poisoning can be a major issue if the vendor does not practice proper food safety standards. Keep an eye out for unsafe practices, such as staff handling food with dirty hands, keeping perishable items unrefrigerated, etc.
  • Comparative negligence, which allows for partial recovery for even those that are mostly at fault for their injuries, has protected theme park guests who did not heed safety warnings.
  • A well-practiced personal injury lawyer is vital to receive the benefits you deserve. Understand that theme parks have a full, veteran team of legal experts on their side that will attempt to limit your claims as much as possible. You should have the same benefit of experienced professionals to defend your side of the story.

Theme parks are great fun for all ages, but theme park injuries can dampen any afternoon excursion or vacation plan in a hurry. Ensure that you always take a safety-first approach to visiting the parks this summer, staying hydrated in the Florida heat, eating at restaurants that you trust and following all ride safety instructions and warnings.

Unfortunately, accidents can and will happen. If you suffer an injury while visiting a theme park, contact our personal injury lawyers immediately. We have the expertise to ensure that you are compensated to the full extent of the law, even when up against the big parks.



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