Insurance and Ride-Sharing Apps: Are You Covered?

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Ride Sharing

The law requires drivers to be insured. It is a standard that you will not find many fighting against, as it protects everyone on the road. Though some get away with driving uninsured (something we wholeheartedly urge against), it is an important safety net in the case of an accident. There is some confusion, however, once you add ride-sharing apps, such as Uber and Lyft, into the equation.

Uber is currently in 70 countries, serving millions of users around the world. Though controversial in its early years (along with competitor, Lyft), Uber has seen continued success in the mainstream, taking over a market that was once ruled by traditional cab companies. There is often a fear that the insurance of a ride-sharing driver will not be enough to protect passengers in the case of an accident. Let us break down a few truths behind the insurance worries associated with Uber and Lyft.

Are Ride-Sharing Services’ Insurance Coverages Adequate?

Though these ride-sharing drivers are not covered under a commercial insurance policy, they are covered under extensive liability policies that both Lyft and Uber provide all passengers. In the case of an accident, both Uber and Lyft currently provide up to $1 million in coverage, which dwarfs many personal insurance policies. Better yet, these companies also provide ride-sharing passengers with something that we continue to recommend for all drivers — uninsured motorist coverage. So, yes, even if an uninsured or underinsured motorist strikes your ride-sharing vehicle, you will still be covered for injuries.

Though many still do not trust these services for various reasons, their insurance coverage for passengers seems more than adequate to protect you from Florida’s reckless drivers.

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