How Has Crash Avoidance Technology Made Driving Safer?

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Car accidents are something we see far too often. Whether caused by texting and driving, drinking and driving or extreme weather conditions that Floridians often face, there are many causes for a large number of crashes that happen every day. Fortunately, science and technology are constantly working to make driving safer for everyone on the road. With these strides in tech, we have seen the dawn of crash avoidance technology and how it is being incorporated to prevent or minimize what may otherwise be serious accidents.

We take a look at some of this tech, both currently available and in development, that may just make the roadways a safer place for all of us.

How Crash Avoidance Technology Can Protect Drivers

  • Utilizing lasers, cameras or radar, collision warning and auto-braking systems can tell if a vehicle ahead of your car has suddenly stopped, alerting you and hitting your brakes before you may have even noticed the vehicle ahead.
  • Lane departure warning systems often use cameras to tell if your vehicle is slowly drifting out of its lane. Some of these systems even take it a step further, automatically steering you back into your lane if your turn signal is not activated.
  • Not only are current headlights brighter than previous models, but some even turn with your car. Adaptive headlights intuitively turn in the direction that your car is moving, meaning more light is cast around corners and dark bends.
  • Though you may double check before switching lanes, blind spots have always been the bane of many drivers. Many cars are now equipped with blind spot detection, alerting the driver if a car is hidden in their blind spot.
  • Backup Cameras have yielded major benefits for drivers, especially those uncomfortable with parallel parking or backing out of long driveways. These cameras can catch otherwise hard-to-see obstructions in your path, or even alert you to smaller children or animals that may dart into your path as you are backing your vehicle out of your driveway or parking spot.
  • Driverless cars are the hottest revolution in car design, though not yet a standard. Though we need to see how this technology progresses, early tests are promising, keeping cars safely in lanes, remaining at an appropriate distance from other cars and reacting appropriately to changing traffic patterns and conditions.

Like any other industry, crash avoidance technology continues to advance and refine itself. Through the years, we will see this tech become cheaper to produce, meaning it will be available to a growing number of car owners. It is our hope that, with more crash avoidance technology on the road, we can all breathe a bit easier when we hit the road.  

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