I-4 Construction Safety

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I-4 Construction

Any Central Floridian will tell you how precarious highway driving can be. From out-of-towners more focused on their cell phones’ GPS than the road to commuters in a rush either to or from the office, we have grown cautious whenever hitting the highway systems that link us, from South Florida to The Panhandle. Enter: the I-4 Ultimate project.

For those out of the loop, I-4 is under heavy construction for the foreseeable future in an effort to expand the highway that has quickly become too small for the amount of exponential traffic growth that the state has seen. Unfortunately, new construction leads to confusion, which can lead to life-threatening accidents when drivers are caught unaware or are driving while distracted. What can you do to protect yourself from I-4 construction along with other road construction projects and the potential dangers therein? We have a few tips that may help protect you and your vehicle from a dangerous and frightening situation.

I-4 Construction Driving Tips

  • Bring a pair of shades: As simple a solution as it sounds, The Sunshine State can become downright dangerous during dawn or dusk hours if the light is obscuring your view of the road. Even during midday hours on especially sunny days, a pair of sunglasses can keep you from squinting in pain and unable to read warning signs of construction ahead.
  • Follow the rules of the road: With construction constantly changing traffic patterns and, oftentimes, obscuring emergency lanes, it is vital that you respect the posted speed limit and always use your turn signals when switching lanes. Tailgating, cutting across lanes of traffic or driving under the influence are all easy ways to find yourself in an accident and/or behind bars, especially during I-4 construction.
  • Look up an alternate route: If you can avoid I-4, why not? Many GPS apps, such as Google Maps, allow you to select an option to avoid highways altogether. If you can spare the extra time, try your luck on local roads.
  • Keep informed: With I-4 construction nowhere near completion at the time of this article’s publish date, we will have to keep up with their progress in order to better plan our commutes. I-4 Ultimate is a fantastic way to look up road closures, I-4 construction progress and even see a live feed of the highway.
  • Keep up with car maintenance: With roadways filled with drivers that may not be quite as committed to safety as you are, sometimes your only option is to rely on your own devices in order to avoid an accident. Ensure that your tire tread is not overly worn down, get your brakes checked and keep your windows clean in order to detect and avoid drivers that may stop suddenly, swerve into your lane or are driving dangerously fast.

Though I-4 construction will not last forever, many of these tips translate to driving anywhere. Always make safety your priority and stay vigilant. Roadway construction can multiply the risks normally present on highways. Though you may not be able to prevent every accident, keeping your eyes on the road and steering clear of reckless drivers can go a long way towards keeping yourself and everyone else on the road substantially safer.

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