Tourist Safety Tips for Visiting Florida

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Tourist Safety

The sun is shining, birds are chirping and our friends up north are just now defrosting from frigid winter weather. You know what that means; the tourists are coming. Though we can seem jaded by living so close to the sandy beaches and thrilling amusement parks, we all know that the Sunshine State is an exciting place to call home. That is why we often enjoy sharing some time with our tourist friends and family that may be less familiar with all that Florida has to offer.

While hitting the theme parks, beaches or various other adventures available in our state, we recommend you share and practice these tourist safety tips.

Tourist Safety Tips for Florida First-Timers

  • Do not skimp on the sunscreen: Florida’s sun is absolutely notorious for its ability to quickly deliver nasty sunburns to the undercovered and unprotected. Sunscreen is not only important for days at the beach; experts recommend covering all exposed skin whenever spending time outside to prevent skin damage and reduce the risk of skin cancer.
  • Bring an umbrella: Though Florida is known as the Sunshine State, anyone who has lived through the summer months understands that the sun can be swapped almost instantaneously with dark clouds, howling winds and sheets of rain. Check the forecast before leaving the house and always stash an umbrella or poncho on your outdoor adventures.
  • Look for flags when on the beach: Flags seen near coastlines across Florida are vital to tourist safety, warning of everything from rip currents to painful jellyfish stings. Each flag correlates to the danger (or lack thereof) of the waters, with red meaning high danger, yellow meaning medium, green meaning low and purple warning of dangerous marine life.
  • Slip and fall is a real risk: When hitting the theme parks, ensure that you and your children are wearing slip resistant shoes. With the aforementioned afternoon showers, water rides and various wet surfaces you will be traversing, it is important to know that your soles are not too slick to retain a grip. This is especially dangerous with the frequency of transitions from wet, outdoor floors to the sometimes slick, indoor floors of gift shops, ride queues and restrooms. Do not risk a dangerous slip and fall accident by simply wearing the wrong footwear.
  • Always cross at a crosswalk: Unfortunately, Florida is notoriously dangerous for pedestrians. Whenever walking near roads, always stay on the sidewalk and use crosswalks. Many forget this step to tourist safety, but it is one that can literally save lives while walking Florida’s streets.

Keep in mind this tourist safety advice is not just for tourists; even us Floridians would be better off by remembering these tips when we enjoy all that the Sunshine State has to offer. As hosts of this state to our out-of-towner friends and family, we owe it to them to provide a bit of guidance and protection as they enjoy this truly beautiful, ever-evolving state. If you or your loved ones are unfortunately injured, please do not hesitate to contact one of our talented personal injury lawyers today at (407) 841-7699.


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