5 Safety Tips to Remember on Cinco de Mayo

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Cinco de Mayo

Though traditionally a minor holiday in Mexico, Americans have turned Cinco de Mayo into an annual celebration of Mexican culture. Activities include enjoying some delicious Mexican dishes, throwing a fiesta and imbibing in tequila-based cocktails and Mexican beer. It is an undeniably good time and, similarly to St. Patrick’s Day, a good excuse to celebrate a culture that helps make the melting pot that is the United States such a great place.

However, also much like St. Patrick’s Day, many use this fun holiday as an excuse to overindulge in alcohol consumption, leading to potential Cinco de Mayo dangers, even if you do not partake.

5 Tips for Safety on Cinco de Mayo

  1. Before all else, elect a designated driver. The biggest mistake people make when going out for drinks is to not make a plan to get home safely. Always elect a designated driver that commits to not consuming any alcoholic beverages for the night. If no one wants to be the “D.D.”, pool your money together and request an Uber, Lyft or taxi service at the end of the night.
  2. Tipsy driving is drunk driving. Do not be fooled — you do not have to be drunk to be considered “under the influence”. In fact, for some people, just one drink is enough to push them over the limit. Never risk a potentially costly DUI charge just because you do not want to be bothered with calling a cab or asking a sober friend for a ride.
  3. Always drive defensively, especially at night. Even if you have not been partying it up on Cinco de Mayo, some may be driving from parties or bars. Though we’d like to think that most people would be responsible enough to not drink and drive, it is best to stay safe by assuming the opposite. Avoid tailgating other drivers, steer clear of cars that seem to be swerving outside of their lanes and, even at green lights, be sure to look both ways at intersections in case a drunk or distracted driver did not see the light change.
  4. Secure your valuables. In the event that you have to leave your car parked overnight to avoid drinking and driving, ensure that you remove any valuables you can and hide other items that may be attractive to thieves. Oftentimes, securing these items in your car’s locked trunk is the simplest solution.
  5. Make your own party. Instead of going out, save some time and money by celebrating Cinco de Mayo with your loved ones right at home. If you provide alcohol, just ensure that no one is drinking underage and that you enforce a strict anti-drinking-and-driving policy. Offering guests a couch for the night is a much better choice than allowing them to risk their lives and the lives of others on the road.

Cinco de Mayo can be a lot of fun, but like anything else, some caution is necessary to ensure your safety and the safety the general public. Though enjoying alcoholic beverages has become a holiday staple for Cinco, remember that it is not necessary to join in on the festivities. If you do choose to drink, we only ask that you remember to think of safety first this Cinco de Mayo. If you are injured due to the carelessness of others, contact one of our car accident liability attorneys today for the litigious guidance you need.

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