Are Insurance Companies Responsible for Your Attorney’s Fees?

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Lawyer's Fees

Florida’s injured workers forced to litigate their cases may now be entitled to have their attorney’s fees paid by the insurance company if the injured worker wins their case. In one case, the Florida Supreme Court found that the attorney representing a man by the name of Mr. Castellanos should be able to be paid more than $1.53 per hour, which is what the Judge of Compensation had awarded him. In 2009, the Florida Legislature decided that an insurance company that forces an injured worker to litigate their case in order to receive benefits did not have to pay reasonable attorney’s fees if they won their case.

This law caused many injured workers to not be able to find attorneys to represent them in claims against the workers compensation insurance companies that were denying their benefits. This is great news for injured workers in Florida, as injured workers who are being denied medical care and/or lost wages may now be able to make the insurance company pay their attorneys’ fees if they win their cases. Injured workers do not usually have the money to hire an attorney to represent them, but insurance companies never have a problem hiring an attorney to try to deny benefits to an injured worker.

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