Car Maintenance to Prevent Accidents

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Car Maintenance

We all know that regular tune ups and maintenance, such as oil changes and tire balancing, are beneficial to your car’s health, extending the life of your vehicle for years. Without maintenance, your vehicle is bound to breakdown and cause even more costly repairs down the line. Something that many do not consider is that some simple maintenance can not only protect your car; it can protect your life.

When a car cuts you off, stops short or hydroplanes out of control, you want to know that your vehicle can be relied on to avoid a dangerous, even deadly accident. This assurance can only be achieved by knowing that your car has had a few key elements checked for safety and reliability.

Car Maintenance That Could Keep You Out of an Accident

  • Wiper Blades: In Florida’s infamous heat, windshield wiper blades are known to deteriorate more quickly than usual. Ensure that your blades are still effective and secured correctly before facing a dangerous, afternoon shower.
  • Tires: Tires are fundamental for both stopping and stability. Check your tire pressure and get your tires balanced for fuel efficiency, lowered risk of a dangerous blowout and minimized wheel shake while on the road. If your tire tread is wearing out, replace tires immediately to avoid hydroplaning on wet roads or skidding when coming to a stop.
  • Brakes: This is an obvious one but something worth reiterating. Brakes are fundamental to both your safety and the safety of others while on the road. Failing brakes can instantly turn your vehicle into a one-ton missile. Getting an expert to check your brake lines, brake pad, rotors and brake fluid should all be top car maintenance priorities.
  • Lights: Even though it seems like a minor inconvenience, your headlights and taillights are both essential for safety. Besides the fact that headlights provide important visibility for night driving, drivers also instinctively look for two headlights while on the road and may not notice you with one out. Working brake lights, and turn signals, are vital indicators for fellow drivers. In fact, police officers will pull you over if your headlights or taillights are not in working order.

Even a brand-new car will eventually need maintenance. Do not assume that your car is safe to drive or ignore a known issue. We can promise you, the cost of car maintenance is much lower than the potential cost of a serious accident. Never risk your life, the lives of your passengers and the lives of innocent bystanders you share the road with everyday just because you are not willing to get a tune up or appropriately monitor your car’s health.



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