What Makes a Catastrophic Injury Unique?

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Catastrophic Injury

Whether a car, work or leisure-related accident, the results are often the same: an injury that requires recuperation. If the party at fault for your injury is deemed negligent, then you have every right to fight for damages caused by their recklessness. Negligence cases involve many factors, but one of the most fundamental is an assessment of your injury.

In the simplest terms, a catastrophic injury is exactly what it sounds like; an injury that causes catastrophic loss.

What is Unique About Catastrophic Injury Cases?

As mentioned in the video above, oftentimes, a catastrophic injury will be awarded higher damages due to the larger amount of necessary recovery time, or to cover an outright loss. Damages would include payment for medical recovery and rehabilitation, pain and suffering, and a diminished quality of life. Note that payment caps may be placed on pain and suffering or other noneconomic damages in medical malpractice cases, which are assessed on a state-by-state basis. Some states also place caps on punitive and noneconomic damages for all personal injury cases.

When Should I File My Catastrophic Injury Case?

Regardless of whether it’s a non-catastrophic or catastrophic injury case, you have four years to file from the date of the accident. In medical malpractice cases, you have only two years to do so. This is vital, as an accident reported after this period has no chance of success.

Any injury caused by the negligence of others is worth fighting for. With an experienced team of personal injury lawyers on your side, as well as knowing your rights and responsibilities when filing your case, you can begin to recover what was lost after your catastrophic injury.

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