Hotel Negligence: How Do You Know if Your Hotel is Liable?

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Hotel Negligence

With many families traveling to visit family for Thanksgiving in just about two weeks, hotels are sure to see a spike in visits towards the end of November. Though anyone that frequently travels for work or leisure knows the ins and outs of a successful hotel stay, many do not know the intricacies that are involved in hotel negligence cases.

We often talk on liability law, so some of these concepts may be familiar to you. Premises law plays a major factor in determining if your hotel negligence case holds water. As a guest in a hotel, you are considered an invitee.

As an invitee, a hotel should:

  • Ensure the reasonable safety of the hotel property
  • Protect guests from dangerous conditions
  • Provide reasonably quick fixes to dangerous conditions
  • Maintain locks, stairs, elevators and other hotel utilities
  • Ensure reasonable care is taken when hiring staff
  • Prevent and control insect infestations

There are other factors to keep in mind if you are seeking litigation against a hotel, however. Firstly, the hotel must cause the injury at hand and the injury must have been reasonably foreseeable to the hotel. There must also be an actual injury or loss to warrant litigation.

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