Why Car Accident Injuries Are Not Always Obvious After a Crash

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Car Accident

A car accident is traumatic to mind and body alike; a severe shock that can leave people rattled for years. Neck, spinal and other serious injuries can easily occur, along with cuts and bruises from flying objects and shattered glass. Even through this trauma, why do so many people walk away from even major accidents seemingly unscathed? Well, it has a lot to do with hormones.

Adrenaline’s Trickery

Adrenaline: that surge of instant awareness, energy and butterflies-in-your-stomach “tingle” that occurs whenever you face potential danger. Though adrenaline can act as a key survival tool in the wild, it can often be a major deceiver for victims in the moments after a car accident. Many crash victims report feeling fine right up until the internal doping mechanism of the adrenal glands wears off and they actually begin to feel the symptoms of their car accident.

Knowing this, first responders may ask victims to visit the hospital, even in relatively minor, fender-bender style accidents. Everything from whiplash to concussions may go dangerously undetected if the potentially injured person does not seek immediate medical attention. This is certainly a time where it is beneficial to err on the side of caution, considering many of these immediately undetected injuries can lead to years of rehab and potential permanent damage or death if not treated in the hours after a car accident.

From a litigious standpoint, a doctor’s evaluation can be a major factor when trying to win earnings for your injuries. Having a certified doctor’s report that displays the damage caused by a careless driver’s negligence is a piece of truly powerful evidence.

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