3 Halloween Safety Tips for Homeowners

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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is often a love-it or hate-it holiday. Some people love the costumes, candy, spookiness and fun that comes with trick-or-treating every year, but others are less enthusiastic. To some, it signals a night that often leads to vandalism and extensive clean-up. No matter which side of this spectrum you land on, it is important you understand some important Halloween safety tips to keep your property protected.

What to Remember This Halloween

  • If your light is on, they will come. In many cases, a front porch light is enough to signify invitation for trick-or-treaters to ring your doorbell. In liability terms, this means that you owe these invitees some limited, reasonable care when they are on your property. You must warn trick-or-treaters of hazards in the walkway, such as uneven pavement or broken steps, or make these fixes before the holiday. A simple way to avoid this issue is to keep your light off, signifying that you are not expecting any guests for the evening.
  • Keep your car in the garage. Unfortunately, for every child just looking to get some candy and have fun, there are always some bad eggs (quite literally). From egging to thrown pumpkins, tire slashing to window breaking, Halloween can be a treasure trove of vandalism for kids looking to cause trouble. Protect yourself preemptively by storing your car in a garage. In the event that your car is vandalized, it may be covered under a comprehensive car insurance plan.
  • To scare, or not to scare? Pranking trick-or-treaters with spooky props or a scary mask when answering the door is good fun for many people on Halloween, but is it worth the liability risks? If a trick-or-treater is injured due to your scare while near or on your premises, you may be held liable for all injuries suffered by the invitee.

Halloween can be good fun, but it is important to realize the dangers that come with the spooky holiday festivities. Keep these liability laws and Halloween safety tips in mind in order to avoid some scary, unintended consequences. As always, whether trick-or-treating with little ones or sharing sweets with the neighborhood, be safe and stay vigilant while having fun.

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