3 Steps to Staying Healthy When Visiting Your Doctor’s Office

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Staying Healthy

Whether recovering from an on-the-job injury or simply going in for your regularly scheduled physical exam, we all have to go to the doctor’s office in order to remain healthy, or regain health lost. However, sometimes staying healthy can be more complicated, considering your doctor’s office itself may harbor some considerable health dangers itself. After all, hundreds of ill, often contagious, patients trickle through doctor’s offices every day.

With flu season incoming and our minds always on the health of our clients seeking to return to work after serious injury, we have compiled a list of three important ways you can stay safe when visiting your doctor.

Tips on Staying Healthy After Visiting Your Doctor’s Office:

    • Hands-Down: One of the most common ways that the flu is contracted is via hand-to-face contact. The next time you feel the urge to rub your eyes, bite your fingernails or give your nose a quick scratch, do not. Whether it is opening the lobby door, pressing the elevator button, putting your hands on a waiting room chair’s armrest or signing your name to check in, your hands can be covered in the germs and viruses that sick patients have tracked in throughout the day.
  • Sanitizer – a Hand’s Best Friend: To avoid contracting illnesses as stated above, a good habit for those focused on staying healthy is to carry, and use, hand sanitizer when visiting the doctor’s office. Though not a 100% guarantee, hand sanitizer can reduce the risk of contracting an illness via hand contamination. A word to the wise, however; overuse of hand sanitizer could actually weaken your immune system, so do not use it unnecessarily.
  • Get Preventative: Take the time to get a flu shot as soon as possible to avoid possible days out of work and the discomfort of fighting through illness. Staying active and eating a balanced diet rich are effective ways to stave off sickness.

Though there is no end-all be-all for staying healthy, these tips may help keep the sniffles away after your next doctor’s visit.

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