Road Trip Tips to Keep You Safe This Fall

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Being based in Central Florida, we all are very familiar with one thing: tourists. We are also somewhat unfamiliar with the fall season that our friends up north seem to rave about — the crisp air, changing leaves and sweater weather. For that reason, many native Central Floridians enjoy road tripping northward for a little taste of a “true” fall experience. However, as we often say, driving can be very dangerous if you don’t follow the rules of the road and stay vigilant at all times, especially when driving for long periods of time.

Key Road Trip Tips for the Fall

  • Rest is Mandatory: You should always get a full and restful night’s sleep before the big trip, especially if you are the one in the driver’s seat. Driving drowsy has shown similarities to driving drunk, so this is a more serious factor to your safety than you may consider at first glance. If you begin to doze off on your trip, pull into a rest area to safely recuperate before continuing your trip.
  • Maintenance Matters: Much like your body, if your car is not in good shape, it will likely break down before you reach your destination. Before embarking, take your car for a full tune up, including brake, oil, and tire check, to name a few. Also, invest in some new windshield wiper blades and emergency equipment, such as flares, a first aid kit, extra oil, and a multipurpose tool.
  • Never Drive Distracted: Though it is tempting to snap some great Instagram photos or update your Facebook friends on your travels, save it for your pit stops. Never text and drive. Even checking your GPS system can be dangerous, so allow a passenger to be your co-pilot or, at very least, invest in a cell phone holder to ensure your hands remain on the steering wheel at all times.

As always, enjoy your trip but stay prepared and safe when travelling this fall. With these road trip tips, hopefully you can enjoy a bit of crisp, fall weather and the beauty of autumn leaves without the worry of fender benders or breakdowns.

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