The Dangers of Truckers Driving Drowsy

By: Glen Wieland

Driving Drowsy

Many trucking accidents are caused by truck drivers who violate federal Department of Transit(DOT) and state DOT laws and regulations. In the trucking cases we have handled, we have found that truck drivers frequently drive many more hours than are allowed by law. We all know how dangerous driving drowsy can be, but imagine how much the danger amplifies when you are behind the wheel of a big rig traveling at high speeds.

Actor/comedian Tracy Morgan was seriously injured by a WalMart truck driver who was keeping two sets of books and had been without sleep for over 28 hours. We have found the same dangerous drowsy driving in our cases. Knowing the DOT laws and regulations is critical in representing clients who are injured in trucking accidents. Our very own Tom DeLattre is a member of a national organization of attorneys that handle trucking cases, and is very knowledgable on these matters.

Much like in an airplane, each truck carries a “black box” which may contain vital information about what may have caused an accident.  We are now suing trucks equipped with drive cams, which displays a camera on the truck driver and another camera on what the driver sees in front of him on the roadway. We hire experts to download this vital information and provide much needed testimony in our trucking cases; evidence that is especially telling when it appears that the driver was driving drowsy.

Tips to Keep You Safe

There are some key tips to remember when driving on the highways near tractor-trailers.  Always leave plenty of distance between your car and the truck. Every truck has blind spots on the right and left sides of the tractor and trailer. Always avoid driving within these dangerous blind spots. If you are passing a truck, do so as quickly and safely as possible. The speed at which large trucks are traveling can be deceiving, so be very careful.  Also, keep in mind that large trucks that are loaded cannot stop as quickly, so be sure to give them plenty of room and a few extra seconds of stopping time. Trucks that try to stop too quickly may “jackknife,” which causes the truck to lose control and, possibly, leads to deadly accidents.

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