On the Road to Injury Recovery: Getting Treatment Authorized

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You’re injured at work. Looking to take your first steps on the road to injury recovery, you seek medical treatment to assist you to get back to health and happiness; however, you hit a major roadblock before receiving the benefits you are owed by your employer’s insurance company.

When your workers compensation insurance company refuses to authorize the treatment ordered by the authorized treating doctor, there are only a couple of ways to try to force them to allow care.

  • Call the Employee Assistance Office in Tallahassee at 1-800-342-1741 and ask them for assistance. One downside of this effort is that they rarely resolve such issues and going this route may delay your claim.
  • You may need to get a Judge of Compensation Claims to order the insurance to authorize the treatment for your injury recovery. To get an order from a judge, you must first file a Petition for Benefits. You can do so by yourself, but the law is so complicated that we recommend hiring a lawyer who specializes in workers compensation to file it for you.
  • Once your Petition for Benefits is completed, your attorney can then set the deposition of the adjuster, which can lead to the insurance company agreeing to authorize the care even before it goes to a judge.

If you go to a doctor for care that is not authorized by the insurance company, the chances of you forcing the insurance company to reimburse you are very limited. If your unauthorized treatment was an emergency, you may have better chances at reimbursement. Furthermore, if you requested care and it was not timely, authorized, or provided at all, you might have grounds for reimbursement. In either case, the insurance company would likely deny the reimbursement and you would need to hire an attorney to request an order from a judge in order to force the insurance company to reimburse you and get you back on the road to injury recovery.

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