Getting Information on Your Employer-Provided Insurance

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Signing on the dotted line of your employer-provided insurance

Starting up at a new job can be an exciting and sometimes harrowing experience. There is the optimism of a fresh start with a new company, but also some natural fear of the unknown when taking on new tasks and responsibilities. Though there are many unknowns that may induce unease, one factor that should never be left to question is your employer-provided insurance. In fact, your employer must, by law, openly disclose this information to you.

Your employer is legally responsible for providing a poster, listing your company’s insurance information. You may have commonly seen these posters in the past, usually posted in a common area. Though these posters often go unnoticed and unread, they do contain some vital information, including phone numbers, websites and some specifics on the insurance company that you may not otherwise know. You may also visit the Florida Department of Financial Services’ website to ensure that your employer has workers’ compensation coverage and suitable employer-provided insurance plans.

So what happens if you are injured on-the-job, but your employer refuses to report your injury to the insurance company? You may report your injury directly to the State of Florida by calling the Employee Assistance Office at 1-800-342-1741. There is no excuse for not reporting an accident, especially if you have suffered an injury at work.

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