What if I bite into food and find a bug or a foreign object?

By: Tom DeLattre



You may have a claim if you find a foreign object in your food, and depending on damages (such as a broken tooth or similar medical consequence), possibly a substantial claim at that. If the foreign object in your food makes you feel sick and unable to eat, your claim may be minimal or non-existent. However, if the foreign object found within the food results in a broken tooth, you MUST keep the foreign object and may want to keep the portion of broken tooth as well. Without the foreign object, your claim may be difficult to prove.

The same logic applies if you find something in a canned or bottled beverage. You must keep the container that the foreign object was found within and have the object examined by an expert for identification. Objects such as glass, grasshoppers, rodent material, staples, bone chips, frogs, worms, spiders, and even a piece of a finger from a prep chef have been found in our clients’ food and drinks.

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