Are Dog Bites Covered in Homeowner’s Insurance?

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Dogs are truly man’s best friend, providing companionship, loyalty and even medical benefits to many around the world. Unfortunately, a poorly-trained dog can be a danger to everyone it comes in contact with. Per the CDC’s latest survey, approximately 4.5 million people report dog bites each year. If you or a loved one ever have the misfortune of becoming a part of that statistic, there are some important facts to know.

First, you typically have up to four years to file a lawsuit, although you should report the incident immediately to the dog owner and/or their insurance company. This statute of limitations extends to any domesticated animal attacks, but does not apply to animals such as livestock. It’s important to note that this isn’t just for bites, but any injury sustained by domesticated animals. Just keep in mind that you must file within that four year period. Be sure to take photographs of any injuries that you sustained due to the attack.

Secondly, remember that not all homeowner’s insurance policies actually cover dog bite cases. For example, Citizen’s Property Insurance excludes dog bite cases in their policies. In cases where the responsible homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover dog bites, they may have the ability to pay for your damages personally. Whether a homeowner’s insurance policy includes coverage for a dog bit may be dependent on the breed of dog.

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