Taking a Hit on a Boating Trip

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boating-271769_640A question is often asked: “Who is responsible for a passenger’s injuries in a car accident?” Well, the answer to that question is rather straight forward. The operator of the vehicle who caused the accident is liable and, therefore, responsible for covering the passengers’ injuries. It’s a simple concept that makes sense to most anyone with a concept of right and wrong. Simply stated, the person who caused the accident is responsible for injuries caused in the accident.

So why does this concept suddenly seem more complicated when we add water to the equation? Believe it or not, we are only a little over a month before the warmer months of spring are upon us, and with them, more boaters that bring with them the possibility of more boating accidents. If an inexperienced boater or jet ski operator on his/her first trip off the dock since last year decides to ignore posted speed limits, loses control of his vessel and careens into your friend’s boat or jet ski with you on it, who do you think should be held responsible?

Fortunately, the obvious choice is also the correct choice in this situation, and the boater or jet ski operator that caused the accident is still the one responsible for your injuries, as well as any other passengers on both his or your friend’s boat. Just like it would unfold in a car accident, the person responsible for causing the accident is the one that will need to assume responsibility for damages.

Of course, the best advice is to only go boating with safe, vigilant drivers. Please do not consome alcoholic beverages while operating a boat or jet ski.  Please also remember that there are strict age requirements in Florida in terms of who is legally able to operte a boat or jet ski.  Unfortunately, sometimes accidents are unavoidable but always remember, the rules don’t change once you hit the water: responsibility lies with the person responsible for causing your injuries.

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