The insurance company sends a nurse to all my doctor appointments, do I have to let her into my appointments?

By: Glen Wieland


As we’ve discussed in previous posts, when it comes to workers’ compensation rights, you typically do not get to select the doctor that will be treating your injuries. Your employer and the workers compensation insurance company will typically select your doctor.  If you refuse to be treated by the doctor selected by the insurance company, your employer and the insurance company could terminate or suspend all your benefits.

If you decide to move forward with being treated by the approved insurance company doctor, there is the possibility that a nurse hired by the insurance company will be present at your appointments. If you do not want the nurse in the room with you when you are being examined, you have the right to decline having her be a part of the exam.

Visiting with a doctor is often times a private matter, where you will want to be able to speak freely with the doctor to discuss medical issues and concerns. In the event the nurse comes into the examination room without your permission, you may have a legal cause for action against  the nurse, the company, and the doctor for violating the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act commonly called HIPAA.

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