How much is my workers compensation case worth?

By: Glen Wieland

personal injury attorney


Often times clients will ask me what their workers compensation injury case is worth. The answer is that there is no set amount or value for a case. Your case is unique with different variables in medical care and injuries and that are different from your neighbor’s case.  To evaluate a workers compensation case to find out what it could potentially be worth involves taking into accounts benefits you are giving up in exchange for a case settlement. When you decide to settle your case, you are giving up a potential lifetime of medical care, mileage reimbursements, and potential lost wages. Even items like prescription costs, doctors visits, potential surgeries and physical therapist appointments should all be factored in.

When you don’t know the answers to all of those questions, it’s next to impossible to guess what your case is worth. With workers compensation settlements, you should seek the opinion of an attorney who specializes in workers compensation to evaluate your case, as each case is different. Just because one person settled for one amount does not mean that would also be the value of your case.

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