Can I select my doctor and receive reimbursement for the visits under workers comp?

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Often clients will ask us the question “Can I select my doctor and receive reimbursement for the visits under workers comp?” The answer in most cases is “No” as the law provides that only care authorized by your employer or the insurance company will be paid under most circumstances.

There are very limited situations where you can make your employer or the insurance company pay for you to go to your own doctor. One potential case is if your employer or the insurance company refuses to provide you with any care. At that time, you may then be able to go to a doctor of your choice and have your employer or the insurance provider reimburse you. Before you can do so, you should confirm in writing that you have been denied care so that your employer and the insurance company cannot claim that you never requested it.  A judge cannot order your employer to pay you back if you didn’t initially ask for care from your employer first.

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