Just Say No: Texting and Driving

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We have all been there: driving along and watching either an oncoming car or a car in front of us cross the centerline of the road and weave back and forth across it. Chances are that the driver of the car was sending a text message on a cell phone and was distracted enough to not realize the danger he or she was causing. We all know that talking on a cell phone while driving is distracting and dangerous, but driving while trying to read or send a text message is even more unsafe and dramatically increases the chances of causing an auto accident. While adults with many years of driving experience should not be doing it, the problem becomes even worse when teenagers with limited experience get behind the wheel and begin texting while driving. Statistics tells us that more than one in three drivers ages 16 to 17 admit sending or receiving a text message while driving. More than one in five experienced adult drivers admit that they also have sent or received a text. Many people do not realize it, but texting while driving is comparable to driving while legally drunk. 

Many things cause car accidents, and anything that causes drivers to take their eyes off the road is a contributing factor. Texting and phone calls are not the only distractions causing accidents.  Passengers, eating and in-car technologies, such as radios and GPS, they too can be a distraction.  Studies have shown that talking on a cell phone while driving is extremely distracting. However, did you know that studies show that texting while driving is the most dangerous of all cell phone-related activities? Drivers who are sending and receiving texts while driving must take their eyes off the road an average of 4.6 of every 6.0 seconds of drive time in order to accomplish the task. 

What can drivers constantly bombarded by incoming text messages and phone calls do to stay safe while driving?  It’s as simple as either muting the sound or turning the phone off every time we climb in our cars. According to the American Automobile Association, doing so can decrease the risk of accident due to texting by 50 percent.

Children learn by example from their parents.  No one should text and drive. Be an example for your children and if you need to text or talk on the phone, pull over to a safe place. 

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