Car Accident Checklist

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Car Accidents
Car Accident Checklist
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The car accident checklist should be referenced when you find yourself in a car accident. It is a helpful list that will keep you on track to ensure that you have everything in line for an insurance claim or potential suit.  We suggest that you print this checklist and keep a copy in your car. This way, in the event of an car accident you can reference the list easily to help you remember all necessary items for a claim.

Make sure to note the following after a car accident:

1.   Day, date, time and location

2.   Injuries, if any

3.   Badge number of responding police officer

4.   Name & phone number of towing service

5.   Engine number of Fire & Rescue Trucks

6.   Other Driver’s name and Drivers Licenses Number

7.   Passengers’ names in the other car

8.   Make, model, year of car that hit you

9.   License plate number & state of the car that hit you

10. Insurance company & policy number of the car that hit you

11.  Write a complete description of the car accident as soon as possible

12.  Names & contact information of any witnesses – get a business card or phone number

13.  Take pictures

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