New Law Changes Effective Tuesday, July 1, 2014

By: Admin

New laws that were passed and which become law on Tuesday, July 1, 2014 will affect us all.

The “Move Over” Law (F.S. 316.126) which previously only applied to emergency vehicles assisting motorists on the roads has been greatly expanded and now provides an even greater way for police officers to write tickets and increase revenues for cities, counties and the state. You must now either move over or slow down to 20 miles per hour below the posted speed limit for: GARBAGE/TRASH TRUCKS, RECYCLING TRUCKS, UTILITY SERVICE VEHICLES (WHICH INCLUDES POWER TRUCKS, CABLE TRUCKS, PHONE TRUCKS, WATER TRUCKS, WATER METER TRUCKS, WASTEWATER TRUCKS). This means that in a residential neighborhood if you pass a garbage truck, you must go 5 mph or you could get a ticket from a police officer. Most residential streets have a 25 mph speed limit. Be careful as the government was behind this law under the pretext of safety. It will increase government revenues as your car probably idles at over 5mph.

Police officers may now give you a ticket if you are driving in the left lane and you know or should know that you are being passed by cars to your right. The legislature expanded F.S. 316.081 and opened the doors to “Left Lane Riders” to get traffic tickets. I would say that if you are going the speed limit in the left lane you might be ok and should fight any ticket if you are going the posted speed limit.

The legislature also now will allow people who are delinquent in their child support to get their driver’s license reinstated if they can show that they are disabled or on Social Security Disability Income. So anyone who is injured at work and is behind in child support simply needs to show proof to the court of the disability and the driver’s license should be reinstated.

One good thing the legislature did was to pass the “Yellow Dot” law. By placing a county issued YELLOW DOT on the left side of your rear window, emergency medical people like Firefighters, EMT’s and Paramedics will know that you have in your glove box a Yellow Dot Folder which will contain critical medical information about you. The county should provide you with both the Yellow Dot Folder and the YELLOW DOT. Once you get the package, you complete the information and put that information in your glove box. It is illegal for anyone to use that information except for emergency medical information. Be careful about putting your Social Security Number or other critical personal information in the folder. Medical people do not need your Social Security number to know how to treat you. But they do need to know about medical conditions, medications, allergies and other critical medical information so that they can better administer emergency care. The Yellow Dot Folders and Yellow Dot for your car or motorcycle are to be given to you for FREE by the county. Contact your elected officials and county commissioners on how to get your FREE Yellow Dot Folder.

As always, be careful driving out there and remember that having a radar detector attached to your windshield may cost you a ticket of about $135.00, but having a GPS system attached to your windshield will probably be ok. Ask your state Senators and Representatives why that is and don’t be surprised if they don’t know the answer. The GPS companies have very good lobbyists.

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