How much is the insurance company supposed to pay me if I am injured on the job?

By: Glen Wieland

workers comp payments

If you or a loved one is unfortunately injured on the job, the last thing you want to deal with is the unknown. We at Wieland, Hilado & DeLattre can help you deal with the unknown.  That’s why we are answering those common questions that pop up after an accident occurs to help keep you informed and aware. One question we receive quite frequently is “How much is the insurance company supposed to pay me if you or a loved one is injured on the job?”

An employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier is required to pay for necessary medical treatments, rehab, tests, as well as any prescription drugs associated with your on-the-job injury. Workers comp payments for missed work time, death benefits, and compensation for permanent disability may also be available.

In the State of Florida, the compensation payment you receive weekly is determined by your Average Weekly Wage (AWW). If you are temporarily totally disabled, and are taken completely off of work by the authorized treating doctor, you should be paid 2/3 of your gross (before tax) wages, or 66 2/3% of your AWW. But, if you are on light duty with restrictions, and you are bringing in less than 80% of your AWW, you will then be paid 80% of what you are missing. For example if you have an AWW of $600.00, eighty percent is $480.00. If you are making $200.00 on light duty  you are losing $280.00 and will get paid $224.00 (280.00 x .8 = $224.00).

To accurately determine the amount you should be paid, you should contact a lawyer who specializes in workers comp payments’ cases to run the calculations for you.

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– Larry P.

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