I don’t like the doctor that the insurance company made me see, can I pick another doctor?

By: Glen Wieland

Workers Compensation Doctor

It’s already a bad day. You’ve gotten injured on the job and now you’re faced with having to seek medical attention. Unfortunately, in Florida, you’re not necessarily in charge of who takes care of your injuries after an injury on the job.

You’re probably wondering “If I don’t like the doctor that the workers’ compensation insurance company made me see, can I pick another doctor?” More often than not, the insurance company selects a physician for you, and they’re probably not going to run it by you first to make sure you’re good with the doctor they choose.  Even though you may already have a doctor you like and have been seeing for years, under the workers’ compensation laws in Florida, an injured worker CANNOT pick the doctor, in most cases.

Many problems first come up during the diagnosis stage, before an injury is even treated. If during these first exams you are either made uncomfortable or simply feel like the doctor doesnt truly have your best interest at heart, you probably would want to find another doctor, or at least a second opinion.   However, under the Florida workers’ compensation systems, your options are very limited.

You do have the right to ask for a one-time change in doctor, BUT the insurance company gets to pick the second doctor and you may go from the “frying pan into the fire”.  Before making your decision you should always consult an attorney who specializes in workers compensation claims before asking for the one-time change. This attorney will know best how to choose a doctor that will be in your best interest while keeping the insurance company at bay.

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Glen Wieland is the most honest and trustworthy attorney I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. He kept me completely informed throughout the whole process of my Workman’s Comp case. Responded immediately to any emails or questions I had. I’m very appreciative for his hard work and his knowledge. He and his staff are the very best you’ll find in Orlando!

Tom represented me for an automobile accident. He helped me get to the right specialists for medical care. I was getting no where with the insurance company regarding the damages to my car or myself. Once Tom started representing me, the ball started rolling. He was able to get me the medical care I needed, reimbursement for my automobile, and my lost wages were paid. He was always available to take my calls. I would highly recommend him.