Driving Contract

By: Glen Wieland

Please find below an example of a Driving Contract that can be used by parents and their children.

Driving Contract

It is understood and agreed that having a driver’s license and driving a motor vehicle are privileges. Any privilege has to be earned, and it must be earned on a continuing basis. This means that driving privileges may be revoked because of an infraction of the following rules:

1. Breaking the driving laws or abusing a motor vehicle can result in the loss of driving privileges, even if we learn about it from a source other than the police. You never know who may be observing you.

2. You will strive to maintain the grades, conduct and attitude at the same high level as when you were first granted driving privileges.

3. No one else is allowed to drive a vehicle entrusted to you. This means you may not lend your vehicle to friends or any other person. You may not let a friend or any other person operate the vehicle entrusted to you.

4. If you are ever in a condition or situation that might render you less than 100% competent behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, call us. We will come get you and will not complain or be angry with you. This will not result in the loss of driving privileges. We may discuss the situation with you but will do so the following day.

5. You are never to be a passenger in a car in which the driver should not be driving. You should call us and we will come and get you. This call will not result in the loss of driving privileges, however riding in a car with someone who should not be driving will result in loss of driving privileges.

6. If you find yourself in any situation where you should not be driving or riding with someone else because it would be unsafe and you cannot reach us by phone, you should call and hire a taxi. We will pay for it, and there will be no punishment.

7. If you are driving and there are other people in your vehicle, they must all properly wear the safety belts in the car. If a person either cannot or refuses to wear a safety belt, you should refuse to operate the vehicle. Remember, when you are driving, you are responsible for the lives of every person in the vehicle.

8. If you receive a traffic infraction, your driving privileges will be suspended. The time period of the suspension will depend upon the violation.

9. If you are in an accident that is your fault, your driving privileges will be suspended and your vehicle may be sold at the sole discretion of the parents.

10. You will only be able to transport people of whom we have approved to ride with you. If at any time you have anyone who is not on the list in your vehicle, your driving privileges may be suspended. If you need to give someone a ride whose is not on the list, you must call us and be granted permission before operating the vehicle.

11. You shall NEVER have more than 4 persons riding in your vehicle at any time.

12. No one is allowed to be in the bed of the truck while the truck is moving at any time or in any place.

13. You have a scheduled curfew, you shall not be late for curfew. You are responsible for monitoring the time and not paying attention is an invalid excuse. However, if you are going to arrive home at a time that is beyond curfew (for whatever reason), you must call and inform us and let us know when you will be home and why you are late. Some punishment will be administered but it will not be as stiff a punishment as if you do not call.

4. If you have an accident, you are to immediately call the police. You must then immediately call us. You should not talk to anyone at the accident scene without us present, including the police officer. If someone is injured in the accident, you should take the necessary steps to make sure that first aid is on its way to that person.

15. If you have a cell phone in the vehicle, you shall not use the cell phone while the vehicle is in motion. You must stop the vehicle to use the cell phone and cannot start driving again until the cell phone is deactivated. If you are caught using a cell phone while driving, your driving privileges will suspended for 1 week and you will lose the use of the cell phone which may be disconnected at our discretion.

16. You must always remember that speed kills and the number one cause of death of children between 16 and 21 is because of motor vehicle accidents. Driving is the most dangerous activity that you will ever engage in and it should not be taken lightly. It is extremely serious and you must use your best judgment at all times while operating a motor vehicle.

Signed this _____day of ________, 20__.

Signature of New Driver

Signature of Parent

*Some of the information contained herein is from Ann Landers and the balance was created by Glen Wieland


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