Florida’s workers’ compensation is not fair to workers or their families

By: Admin

The Florida Legislature with the support of the governors office took away the rights of injured workers. You can’t sue your employer who causes your accident, you can’t sue the insurance adjuster or insurance company that won’t pay for needed medical care, and the injured worker has NO right to pick a doctor. The insurance company picks the doctor. It is sad but true. Read this interesting article. http://clearwater.legalexaminer.com/workplace-injuries/florida-pip-statute-unconstitutional-what-about-workers-comp.aspx?googleid=308148


I hired Al a few years ago for a workers compensation case. From the very beginning I found Al to be very knowledgeable and professional. He made sure I was aware of everything that was happening with my case from start to finish. His assistant (Melody) is also very professional and knowledgeable. I have and will continue to recommend friends and family members as I feel Al is one of the best attorneys in Florida and has exceeded my expectations.

– Debra

Tom represented me for an automobile accident. He helped me get to the right specialists for medical care. I was getting no where with the insurance company regarding the damages to my car or myself. Once Tom started representing me, the ball started rolling. He was able to get me the medical care I needed, reimbursement for my automobile, and my lost wages were paid. He was always available to take my calls. I would highly recommend him.