Deputy’s Death Shows Problems With Workers Compensation System

By: Admin

Sadly it takes a death of a Seminole County Sherriff deputy to show the problems with Florida’s workers compensation system. For years the legislature has slashed benefits to injured workers to help businesses. The deputy’s widow will get $7,500 for the funeral which will likely cost $15,000 or more. She will then have to try to live on 33% of his wages which is paid to her every two weeks for a very limited time. There is a cap of $150,00 but that may take years to be paid since it is paid at one third of his wages and is paid bi-weekly. If she remarries those payments stop. Our elected officials in Tallahassee think that is fair compensation for the death of a spouse. If he had not been married, the family could only get the $7,500 to bury him. When the Disney monorail driver(a Stetson University student) died when two monorails crashed while the supervisor was at Denny’s, Disney paid the family $7,500 in total death benefits.
It is sad that the legislature cares so little for those families left behind when a loved one dies in the line of duty. Our prayers are with the deputy’s family and his widow at this most difficult time.
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